How a provincial approach to patient flow is reducing conservable bed days and saving significant costs

In recent years Alberta Health Services has been working diligently on addressing emergency department wait times, hospital access and inpatient Length of Stay (LOS). This includes LOS for Alternate Level of Care (ALC) patients (medical, surgical and mental health) who are impacting the system’s ability to provide optimal care to Albertans. In order to successfully address these concerns, AHS is leveraging the Patient Flow Platform software, developed by Medworxx, as a tool for frontline staff that supports  hospitals with streamlining patient flow and assessing  the appropriateness of care and transitions of their patients.


“ Medworxx is being used as a communication tool; staff are able to see at a quick glance if they are able to prioritize their care differently in order to help their patients get care in the right place, at the right time. Staff are also able to see where there are gaps in communication between areas such as discharge planning and front line; the front line may not realize what is and isn’t being done by the discharge coordinator and the Medworxx status facilitates those discussions.” 
RN, BN, Director, Cancer Surgery Alberta (former North Zone, Medworxx Informatics Specialist)
Alberta Health Services

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